NetOps gives insights into networks of all shapes and sizes, it is particularly well suited to provide visibility of large distributed networks at the edges (branches and remote offices).

NetOps provides a great level of network traffic information as well as insights into the conditions currently at play in the network and its links. It does so through simulating connections as well as passively monitoring the network’s packet data.

NetOps was born out of Big Data and Log Management practices, which means that all data is time-series indexed which allows for fine-grained troubleshooting, flexible re-combination of different sensor data as well as historical views that enable advanced analytics and pattern analysis.

NetOps can be delivered it's data as:

  • Insights: Messages and alerts that draw a customer’s attention to conditions arising on networks and links.

  • Rich Network Data: Stored in Elasticsearch and searchable from the BBox Control Server, or forwarded to the customer’s Elasticsearch clusters (Dynatrace, Splunk and other network management infrastructure coming soon).

Ideal Customers

  • Internet Service Providers.

  • Large Systems Integrators that manage distributed networks for customers.

  • Large Enterprises with branch infrastructures.

  • Business with complex data centre architectures.

  • Network Analysis specialists with a distributed customer base.