Enable insights with smart data reach.

With technology infiltrating every aspect of our world, your business needs to go beyond understanding your data and move towards enabling and acting on valuable insights.

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Central integrated collector framework

Multiple sources and data feeds are aggregated and managed centrally for further processing and visualisation, integrating into your platform of choice.

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Distributed, in motion data processing

Real-time distributed processing at the source reduces transit volumes

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Simple intuitive data processing language

Easy to understand data processing language for quick and powerful configuration and flexibility

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Smart remote reach

Visibility at the very edges of your networks and operational systems, intelligently monitored to deliver the data you need, with real-time alert management


HotRod with pipes

Central management server application

A single collector framework with real-time alerts and reporting

Control remote configuration and administration of devices from a single contact point

Secure and bi-directional communication with all BBox devices

Integration into your preferred dashboard and visualisation tools


Configurable distributed collector device (physical or virtual)

Enables real-time, intelligent reach into your network and operational systems, adding visibility at the edges

Distributed cores for pre-flight data preparation and processing

Gapless catch-up, even on unreliable networks

Low-cost providing ‘always on’ monitoring


Powerful data processing pipes are realised through the use of a simple, intuitive language. This enables you to customise the sources, actions and outputs of your data to deliver value and enable insights.

Built from first principles to drive the processing performance and quality. Centrally managed with easy deployment to collectors.



NetOps gives insights into networks of all shapes and sizes, it is particularly well suited to provide visibility of large distributed networks at the edges (branches and remote offices).