HotRod is the central management server for the BBox appliances and hosts all essential administrative and dashboarding capabilities. BBox communication with HotRod is secure and bi-directional which enables a slew of network management and visibility use-cases.

The HotRod server provides:

  • Centralised Alerting and Forwarding. It pushes Insights, Alerts and other critical information to Email, Slack, log file as well as indexes it locally in Elasticsearch.

  • Administrative Interfaces for BBox and NetOps management.

  • NetOps Data Enrichment (Add names, directional and other critical information to the NetOps Data).

  • NetOps Data can be indexed on the HotRod in its local Elasticsearch instance but can also be forwarded to external Elasticsearch clusters (Dynatrace and Splunk coming soon).

Powerful Open Source Software extensions provide:

  • Rich visualizations of NetOps Data.

  • Remote packet data retrieval (filter and download remote packet capture data through the web).

  • Element management, SNMP monitoring and others.