Panoptix knows about network visibility.

Panoptix builds products that make gaining network visibility, even at the edges of the network, as painless and effective as possible, all from a central location – this enables a rapid mean-time to identification (MTTI) of issues, which directly impacts on the mean-time to repair (MTTR) or recover.


NetOps gives insights into networks of all shapes and sizes, it is particularly well suited to provide visibility of large distributed networks at the edges (branches and remote offices).

The BBox is an appliance developed by Panoptix that can be run as either a hardware device or a virtual machine. The BBox is the main platform for the delivery of the NetOps application but is capable of easily being extended with additional functionality to service other use-cases such as Information Security and Automated Testing.

HotRod is the central management server for the BBox appliances and virtual machines. All essential administrative and dashboarding capabilities are hosted centrally. BBox communication with the HotRod is secure and bi-directional which enables a slew of network management and visibility use-cases.