Panoptix is a turn-key Big Data consultancy.

We help our customers plan, build and run impressive Big Data platforms. We  provide them with the consultation they need to determine what type of platform they need, or help them to repair and reinvigorate the one they already have. We are deeply involved in the DevOps culture and our experience is ready to become yours.


When it comes to crafting solutions that can monitor, analyse, manage and assess, we have it covered with the definitively simple and effective BBOX. Think that one solution can’t tick all these boxes as well as offer customisation at a price point that sits well below market demand? Think again.

HotRod Big Data Framework

Like the classic hot rod, powerful and custom-built with infinite possibilities the Panoptix HotRod is a fast, tested, secure, change controlled and distributed platform.

NetOps App

The NetOps App runs on top of both HotRod and BBOX and shows organisations at a glance how their sites are doing, including the outlying areas that don’t have high levels of connectivity.